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July 28, 2009




How hard can it be? Srsly.


Strange guys were chatting you up at Coldplay? Where was I? You guys were probably talking over my head so I couldn't see.


You would be easy to shop for.

Erin G.

Isn't it funny to advance your age before it's time. I've been doing that all year myself....saying I'm 35 when, really, I don't turn 35 until August 29.

I dunno.

Big Dot

You were chatted up by a younger guy? Never mind what happened next, enjoy that bit while it's still happening. I have a *cough* few years on you, and I am now invisible. It's surprisingly sad! (Sobs quietly)


I liked 35. I started being 35 when I was 34, and stayed 35 until I was 37.

I just make wish lists at various online sites and tell everyone where they are. It saves a lot of aggravation, since my husband does not like figuring out gifts (he doesn't mind the buying and giving, he just hates the thinking).


Becs - Oh, cute! Did you see the Passover Mah Jong choclate treats?
.75 - Okay, clearly this needs a clarification post in a few days.
Caroline - Well, I'd think so.
Erin G - I guess it means we're confident enough that our age no longer matters to us.
Big Dot - It was a miscommunication. I know. I'm usually invisible.
Sherri - But it's the thinking that counts.


Ask for a Netbook and give it to me!


.75 - I don't even know what that is.


It's a baby laptop for surfing the net. I don't want an iPhone.

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