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July 24, 2009



At Applebee's with 2 and two long island iced teas. Wheeeeee...

Big Dot

In my living room with the heater on, and a steaming hot cup of tea.


At my desk, in my pjs, with Katy the cat lying comatose next to the monitor.

Which Friend Am I?

Doesn't seem very crowded...


The professor, in the library, with a candlestick.


3 - I win
Big Dot - I win
Becs - I win
You Are Friend 8 - Thats the opening act on stage, by the time Colplay got there it was packed.
3 - That sounds so pervy.


Just so everyone knows...the chick in the pink shirt was VERY cute. I pretty much kept that view all night. Too bad she was married.


.75 - I didn't even notice the pink shirt chick, because I was dazzled by every young dark-haired woman who looked like Katie Holmes. Dozens of them.


Wish *I* did!


Speaking of Katie Holmes, did you see her "dance" and "sing" on So You Think You Can Dance last week? Such "talent."

Actually, I've seen her tap dance before and she's quite good. I don't know why they had her perform such crap on their show.


.75 - She's short too...
Caroline - She was kind of smirky. I saw just a bit on the Soup.

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