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July 05, 2009



Amen Sistah Queen.

Big Dot

My knees are still complaining after I spend much longer than I wanted to crawling around on our roof at the corner where it's nearly 2 storeys off the ground, hacking back the vines that had sneaked underneath the tiles and out the other side. Bloody plants. I kept remembering a series of photos I saw years ago of a mushroom pushing its way through a concrete pavement. They're out to get us.


SurprisingWoman - Sing it girl.
Big Dot - Our wisteria made it into the attic and traveresed the entire house then almost came out the other side before we discovered its diabolic plan.


Here's my fabulous idea for ground cover where grass won't grow - colored concrete. It's brilliant, right?


Tami - Mom used astroturf in one spot in her garden. She claimed it was to make the leaves easier to blow out from under the Yew.

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