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June 10, 2009


Big Dot

Well there you go. Wasn't there a thing in a recent Grey's where the odd surgeon had to be held? Maybe that's what we all need in anxious moments: pinning down.

Except when there's a tsunami roaring up the beach, of course.


We have the same warning system here. Only in the form of a 90lb lab. Which makes the whole wearing like a hat thing a tad more uncomfortable.


If that were a human infant, you'd call that swaddling.


OMG you are cracking me right up! Ant cupcakes! I thought they were only on the flowers to eat the wax off so the buds could open! I've never had one inside! But definitely I'm thinking of you every time I bring a peony inside, now!

Cute doggie! Off to see what you said about him!


Oh, see? It's like swaddling an infant!


Big Dot - Ooo! I loved that character, so much like me. Greys. Bringing the hemispheres together. And I hear the tornado envy in your tsunami one-upmanship.
Shania - Do you have a lab coat to go with your lab hat? HAHAHAHAHAHa. Yeah.
Magpie - I'd call that accidental death, because I'm sure I'd do it wrong somehow.
Madmad - (quietly to Madmad because no one else knows the comment I left on her post on her blog) Someday, sacrifice an open peony so you can spread the petals apart before they naturally fall off. You will see ants piled upon ants rolling on their backs and waving their legs in the air.


I'd say 1 out of 2 ain't bad.


I've done the TTouch wrap for my storm-phobe. I find that a dropperful of Rescue Remedy works just as well.

Big Dot

Ha ha! You are so right! But I have to point out that the Civil Defence section our the Yellow Pages also has instructions for us in case of earthquake and/or volcanic eruption (essentially, we stay at home and have a barbie) (indoors, because of the ashes raining down) (and then we move into the garage when the house burns down).


I noticed the cameo before I read about it and wondered if you would say anything. How funny.

Sorry about your dog, but I am dying to know what you said on madman's blog now. I guess I have another to add to the list. . . .


.75 - Well, it isn;t a cure-all, though, and thats what I was looking for.
Meredith - Well, I have no idea where to get rescue remedy, but Ace bandages were at Mom's. We'll see.
Big Dot - Yep, no volcanoes here, at least in the midwest.
Surprising woman - Diary of a mad mad housewife? http://madmadhousewife.blogspot.com/
She puts cut peonies out and drapes scarves on them and bakes cupcakes next to them in posts ostensibly about scarves and cupcakes. I fear she doesn;t know and I leaves comments about "AAAAAANTS MY GOD DON'T YOU KNOW ANTS LIVE IN PEONIES"


I have no comments about the dog thing, but I did want to mention that I think my toenail polish is the same color as yours. Kind of light silver? My friend thought I was nuts yesterday when I chose that color.


Melissa - nu-unh. Mine is a soft spring green. With a red flower and a diamond in the center, and some silver accents.


Wow, the color is really off on my monitor!!


Melissa - could be the light. http://mocklog.typepad.com/queen_mediocretia/2009/05/toedown-throwdown.html

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