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June 11, 2009



Ever had British fries, aka chips ?


Shell - Ironically, at Pujols I ordered Fish and Chips and asked for the chips to be well-done. She asked if I really wanted "fries." British TV. Messing me up. They didnt offer me any malt vinegar either.

 Big Dot

Power to the people! I like crispy chips too and burrow through the serving to find the crunchy ones first to savour and then just eat the rest as fuel. It has NEVER occurred to me to ask for them to be cooked well done in the first place. Doh!


Does Marcia at least know you're cheating on her?


The Golden Corner Diner in Bound Brook NJ has the best fries ever. Steaming hot, crispy when you bite into them, yum yum yum.


Really? The Golden Corner has the best fries ever? I think someone at my gym said that they have the best corned beef hash, but that can't be true. Best corned beef hash in NJ is at the Skylark Diner.

I'm a steak-fries girl, myself.


Big Dot - I know! It was a revelation when I heard the guy in Memphis do it.
.75 - Yes, she knows.
Becs - Do you have any views on the Skylark Diner? Tami is talking trash about Golden Corner.
OT Tami - I love steak-fries, especially since steak places often understand the importance of getting "well-done" when you want "well-done."


Skylark Diner has a very fancy menu for a diner. It only uses numbers, no dollar signs or cents, which makes me suspicious. Still, it's about eight miles from my house, so I'll try it.

But did anyone at the Skylark Diner every save anybody's life? Huh? Did they? Francisco did. And celebrity has not ruined him.


Jesus, Becs, do you live in my town? I'm about 8 miles from Edison, aren't I? I think I might be!

This reminds me of when I met DBK through Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Skippy's in California. DBK and I started talking about out congressperson and we realized it was the same guy. We lived a mile from each other, but we met on the internet.

Anyway, I don't know Francisco, but I'm sure he's a really swell guy. I mean, he saved somebody's life!


Tami - Becs - No stalking, that's all I ask.

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