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June 08, 2009


Big Dot

Another selfless public service provided by the Queen! Don't you just love the contrast between the photo and phrases like 'the putative effects' and 'matching etiologies'?

I don't know, though - it just seems to me like an awful lot of bother to go to (even without the real possibility of a humiliating death). Maybe I'm just lazy.


It's the same reason people jump out of perfectly good airplanes.


Big Dot - That's what I think too. A lot of trouble for a more intense orgasm.
.75 - Because they can have an orgasm without touching themselves? Really?


I'll have to read up on this later, because I can't imagine how you tie your own hands behind your back. in my book, that takes it from "autoerotic" to just "erotic".

I'm all about semantics.


Tami - you make a loose slipknot and put your hands in it. The knot has a long tail with a loop and you slip your foot in the loop and tighten it. Just FYI.


My ex was into this and I found out by accident one day. I am open minded about stuff but this is dangerous. It was the beginning of the end of the marriage.


Zayrina - Is this the same ex who would demand you cook him dinner after you came home after a long day of work? At least he was controlling to himself. Good thing he didn't truss you up too.


A fresh GNO crew? Explain yourself, please.


Um, just wondering what in hell you googled to get to that very informative article.


Caroline - Thank you!


I see you didn't address my question. Hmph. I'll be offline a few days (giving birth and all), but don't think I'll let this drop.


Caroline - (As written this morning before Typepad ate my comment) My and Marcia's teams.
gaoo - (Possibly the reason google ate the comment)
Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autoerotic_asphyxiation
Then Here:
Then here:
Then here:
Then that article was the first one in the references.
,75 - They aren't numbered or anything...
Caroline - Honest, typepad ate my comment.


Caroline, Ellen loves us enough to assign a number to us.

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