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June 10, 2009



So what does Coldplay lyrics have to do with anything?


.75 - Well, they seem to be good lyrics, and I always think if the lyrics are good the band should publish them with the CD. And spell them correctly - I'm looking at you, Carbon Leaf!


Now I must look for the misspelled words in the Carbon Leaf liner notes. The annoying thing about CDs is how tiny those lyrics are when the do include them. Or maybe it's just me and my old lady eyes. Now back in the day, when music came on those big black discs....

Big Dot

(What you need is a magnifying glass, Kristie. My shoulders drooped just typing the words.)


Kristie -
Echo Echo
Carbon Leaf
Desperation Song
"I'm turing it from shade to light"
It WAS tiny. And the paper was black.
Big Dot - I prefer a jeweler's loupe. Chin up!


Thank you so much for saving me all the eye strain!


Kristie - I live to serve.

K. Lyn

I see you find inspiration in the oddest places:



K. Lyn - Coldplay did, not me. Have you seen the liner for their new CD? It really looks like that. Well, sort of.

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