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June 15, 2009


Overflowing Brain

Alaska Alaska Alaska.

It's GORGEOUS and never will you find better weather or more wild animals in nature. Seriously. Best vacation of my life.

And don't do a cruise. Rent a cabin or something. There's plenty to do with a rental car in just the Kenai Peninsula alone. Seriously.

Overflowing Brain

Oh, right, and Happy Anniversary!

Catherine the Red

Hawaii (no big animals, but tons of scenery and history/culture, volcanos you can walk on and lots of private beaches)


London, with side trips to slate mines in Wales, lochs in Scotland, and estates in Ireland.


Oh, I forgot animals - stereophonic sheep!

Big Dot

There's nobody else comes here from NZ, right? Because I'm about to say something treasonable: go to South Australia or Tasmania. Interesting history, especially Tassy, lots of great animals (if you want to attract an emu, lie on your back and pedal your legs in the air - honest, it works), English-speaking (sort-of) and nice people. And at this time of year, not too hot or too cold.

If this gets out, I'm done for.

Sarah Rainsberger

Our two absolute favourite locations (we keep threatening to move to both places) are Iceland and Bled, Slovenia. Both are must-visit places, truly. I'd be happy to never go anywhere new again and just keep revisiting. (OK, I might have to go back to Paris every now and then...)


Overflowing Brain - Oh, that is a good plan. Not too hot, that's for sure. And the Aurora Borealis. Cool!
Catherine the Red - Oh, but Hawaii was our honeymoon. Can't go back, can't top that.
~Silk - Been to London, and I'm afraid Gary was not happy since he wasn't top of the food chain over there. It broadened his perspective.
Big Dot - Good tip about the emus! Wasn't it Tasmania that had the Worlds Record for shortest war against the British? 30 minutes?
Sarah Rainsberger (Everyone, say hi to Sarah) -


Great Britain, except there's not much in the way of wild animals. But it's not hot and it is full of history and they speak a form of English.

floating princess

I was going to say Italy until I read the foreign language part. I have also wanted to visit Alaska! Just not when it's all frozen tundra-like. Happy Anniversary!

Big Dot

Don't know about the war, but they have a lively convict history and the most varied and exotic road-kill I've ever come across.


Hi, Sarah!

What about San Diego? They have the biggest zoo in the country! And I've personally never been to CA, so it sounds like a good idea to me.

OK, I was gonna say Alaska, but Overflowing Brain beat me to it.

Iceland has awesome tiny horses that are super-super furry.


Constantly in the darkness, where's that at, if you want me I'll be in the bar?!
I can't believe nobody beat me to that one!
Happy Anniversary!


An Alaskan cruise.


Magpie - I took side trips to bits of great Britain when I went to London did like all the history. Nice to see buildings older than a few hundred years.
Floating Princess - Yeah, frozen tundra doesnt speak to me either. And it does make me think a little of the "Man A Course of Study" classes I had to take in sixth grade.
Big Dot - Southern hemisphere though? I don't want to be a hemispherist but a little part says I should financially support my own hemisphere. Northern hemisphere! Number One! (Beats chest.)
Tami - Tiny horses! More points for Iceland.
Gaoo - I have no idea what you are talking about. NO idea. Google says it's this Joni Mitchell song:
So now I know. I'm sure everyone is cool and got it.
Zayrina - Mom and Dad went on an Alaskan cruise. It was certainly easy, but then I think most of the time you'd be seeing coastline scenery. Maybve this one deserves a travel agent instead of just me fumbling around the internet.

Big Dot

Yeah, ok, fair enough - but just in case there's a bit of North!On top! in that posturing, remember that there's no up or down in space.


Big Dot - Yeah there is. There's an axis. We're on the top of the axis. Unless the whole solar system or galaxy or universe rotates. That's what it would take to get you guys on top.

Big Dot

No, no! In space there IS no top or bottom - it just depends where you're standing. Or floating. It's all academic - and northist.

When you were born in the South Island of one of the world's southernmost countries, washed by the Southern Ocean, you get a bit tetchy about this sort of thing.


Big Dot - You have the last word, But, you will always have the last word, given the time zones. You even share your time zone with all of Antarctica. That's kind of pushy, if you ask me, the American.


Given your stipulations, I'd say the local libraray and/or historical society :D


leperkan - But there no wild animal there!

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