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June 13, 2009



Happy anniversary! (Watch out, though. Next year Gary's warranty expires.)


Happy Anniversary. Regardless of how you celebrate. It's still a heck of a lot longer than most people have been married. I'd say I envy you, but I'm just not there yet (still wondering if I get time off for good behavior).


That's an extremely busy Saturday for me! Most of the time I sit around watching all the shows we've Tivo'd throughout the week.

Happy anniversary!

Big Dot

I'm just impressed you remembered. I usually forget ours. It's lost me a lot of points, over the years.

Well done, the both of you.


~Silk - Ha! But Gary ALWAYS gets the extended warranty.
Meredith - You deserve to be reincarnated and get a complete do-over.
Melissa - We watched "I'm Not Rappaport" and "Entourage" on the TiVo. Typical Day.
Big Dot - Luckily, we both forget. His mommy reminds him.

Mrs. Holly Hall


Congrats! So awesome for you and Gary.

Yeah married!

This is what happens after you receive some lovely flaming buckets of porn!!



Happy anniversary one day late!


Mrs Holly Hall - I know. It was the flaming porn that clinched it.
Tami - Thank you!

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