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May 21, 2009


Kelly Light

I had stopped following the ass crack (have not seen til now -wow.) I had made the decision to live and let live and one day- if his ass crack came to town to perform , I'd be happy to see it. But yes- the many tweets of the the 4 - pull back into the mucky fray of it all. I'd rather wait, hear the album and hope the 4 come to town to perform and be happy to see them. I may stop following them too. Too much technology sometimes. Familiarity can breed contempt - or at least boredom - so a little distance for me is the right way to go. Say no to crack.


Kelly Light - You kill me. The crack is addictive. Then again, so were the podcasts. The twits, no, not so much. Hope I didnt get you hooked on the crack again.

Mrs Hall

Well, i don't have an ass crack joke but I can say that when ever i am getting the kids ready and I am relaxed about it, instead of doing the loving motherly finger wagging . . . . .I say, did you remember your shoes? Your back pack??

OK NOW WHO LEFT THEIR BUTT? i can see YOU left your butt still in the bed! GET THAT BUTT ON!!

and they both turn in circles like they are looking for their butts. and they giggle and we all giggle fun :)

butts are just the best!!


Mrs Hall - I confess, I went with ass because I was unclear on how many t's in butt. I'm going to use that butt-get ready thing with Gary.


I'm still being drawn to the ass-crack for voyeuristic reasons that I'm not proud of. Sometimes I even creep myself out.
I loved the podcasts, so much.
I'm bored by the studio twittering. I agree with Kelly Light's comment about familiarity. But I can't wait until June when I see the 4 for the first time.
Did you know Ed's sausage has been discussed on Loveline? Years ago they were guests of Dr. Drew's and there was actual discussion of the need to make accommodations in regards to postioning, etc. because of the size. So as not to HURT the wife. So it's nice to know he's considerate with the sausage. Also a little creepy that I have that stored in my brain...


Thanks for ruining perfectly wonderful Leonard Cohen lyrics.



Kristie - I think I'd get a bladder infection just by being in the same bedroom with the sausage.
3 - Can you hear him singing in your mind? Anthem is pretty recent. When will you turn on Billy Joel, when he gets old?


I named my '79 Camaro "Billy". Yes, I will listen to Billy Joel sing nearly any song of his prior to River of Dreams.


3 - I heard his Carnegie Hall performance two days ago. He sounded lovely.

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