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May 16, 2009


Big Dot

Yeah, it's all about being there with that sort of concert. (I'm hoping for that next month with Simon and Garfunkel.) Elton and Billy Joel, what a great pairing (ahem) - we should be so lucky.

And, do you really want those cheesy local references that always ring so false (and that some members of the audience so embarrassingly lap up)? A simple hello and welcome will suffice if the performer's not feeling genuinely chatty.


Big Dot - but I love chatty. And you could tell Billy Joel had played St. Louis before; he knew every permutation of the Keil Opera house into the current arena where we were.

Hot Mom

They have new stuff?

I'm totally jealous. I've seen Elton John keep his head down and point at the audience, but I've never seen Billy Joel live.

I'm glad you had a wonderful experience, even if you did get a fever.


Eons ago at my last Billy Joel concert at the Arena, Billy had made a passing joke about that acoustically-challenged venue. I've seen the man four times in concert and I loved (and continue to love) his music up until River of Dreams. That album... meh.

Overflowing Brain

I've seen Billy Joel alone and in concert with Elton John. I promise you he has SO much more personality and is much more fun by himself. And even when he's boring, the man can play a piano like no one's business.


Thank you for the review and pictures!! :)


One of these days I'll see them both live, together or separately.


Hot Mom - No, I was kidding. I know of no new stuff, anyway.
3 - OH I have to tell you. ELTONs voice is worse now that he's older AND SO IS Billys. We got Billys Stranger CD and Eltons greatest hits and it's really obvious their voices have gone to crap! YES! just like Leonard Cohen, so you just hush.
Overflowing Brain - Well, to be fair they both can. Their styles of playing are so different too.
.75 -You are welcome.
Caroline - I might skip Elton next time.


Bruce Hornsby is a very chatty guy at his concerts and actually talks to people in the audience. I love this. We also seem to have a book club going, too, since he frequently talks about what he's been reading. Is it any wonder that I love this man?


Becs - I'll need to look this guy up if he comes to town.

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