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May 11, 2009



Although of course I know it's better for him, I still regret the day Clapton turned his back on cocaine. Come on, admit it. He was so much better when he was a junkie.


Good points all.


I hope we never find out Pujols is dirty. Right now I believe he's everything a baseball player ought to be, and I hope it's all talent and hard work.


Becs - I don't know enough Clapton - just that sappy Tears in Heaven song. But remember, I like lyrics, and his work on While My Guitar Gently Weeps didnt have many words.
Sue - Not stirring up much controversy - except for Becs there.
Caroline - He'll break your heart Caroline.


I believe in the Pujols.


.75 - Hmmm. Best of luck to you.

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