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April 10, 2009


Big Dot

What, no thunderbolts yet?


And here I was thinking about Spanish Fly...Whiskey may be cheaper.

Hot Mom

Dot, I think God was busy last night. We all escaped with our lives.


Big Dot - Nope. But my sister in law did snipe at me today. And she is the conduit from God to the family, or so she thinks.
.75 - Only you would see sex in this photo!
Hot Mom - He was looking in on the pirate situation.


Pretty much.


LOL - but who was drinking the Jack Daniels?


.75 - And with a Man
Magpie - That would be Hot Mom, the Bringer of Jesus


Jesus had long hair. Can't tell if the lobster is a boy or a girl.

Androgyny and man on man is pretty hot.

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