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April 12, 2009



My niece and her husband (and six or seven kids under 11) bought a farm last year. They're raising animals destined for their freezer. Last summer they bought a herd of fluffy chicks, and in the fall, after a lot of research and planning, they butchered, cleaned, and froze most of them.

Niece was prepared for the trauma of the butchering. What she wasn't prepared for was how much her children enjoyed it.

They plan to have someone else do it next fall.


If everyone just had their dishes on lower shelves, I wouldn't have needed any assistance.

Sometimes providing the home is hosting enough.

Although next time I'd bring my own furniture.

Overflowing Brain

Okay, somewhat unrelated to lobster vomit, why does the Jesus in all the pictures below seem to be missing, oh, I don't know, the lower half of his body?

Did only half of Jesus rise from the dead this time? Shit. I knew I should've gone to church today.

I always miss the new gospels.


Are you gonna smear yourselves with chicken blood at next GNO? No need to really answer that.


There's some Orthodox Jewish ceremony where the men have to wave a live chicken over their heads. (I read about it in "The Year of Living Biblically.") Maybe you could do that too. Wave chickens, I mean. Not live biblically.


Gosh, you'd think we re-enacted Lord of the Rings based on the comments!

If we're really going to do something with chickens, I think it needs to be an homage to the superstitious guy in Major League.


~~Silk - They might have grown to hate the chickens. Or they might be serial killers.
.75 - No, you need to upholster your ass, skinny girl.
Overflowing Brain - Don't criticize Healing Jesus. Jesus was just extruded that way. Healing Jesus was the free toy packed with these: http://www.stupid.com/fun/JABB.html
gaoo - Shhh. Don't give it away.
Becs - How is it my Jewish friends have never suggested this for a GNO?
Caroline - LOTRGNO!

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