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April 18, 2009


Big Dot

Sorry, you were third.

And when I played TP recently, I deferred politely to an old lady who insisted that dodos lived in Mauritius, whereas I KNEW (and not just because I saw the movie) that the answer was Madagascar. Manners 1, grinding resentment in the gut 3000.

#3 AKA Smart Whore

A fabulous night! We did quite well for only five brains at the table compared to the jam-packed other tables.

I say we actually won. I feel rather superior having beaten the Starbuck's table (actually every table) in the coffee category.

And the slow motion running seemed to give the judges something of a chuckle, too.

Great night! We totally rule!!

Big Dot

Also, state fossil? You have a state fossil???


Awesome night guys. :)

I was just thinking this morning how much I miss having coworkers that I like and want to hang out with.

Did hang out with some old coworkers last night tho from Reuters days.

Anyway, yes, you finished 3rd.


Thanks for supporting the school my daughter starts attending in LESS THAN THREE MONTHS! (OMG - am I ready for this?)

If you have an open spot on the team next year, I'd love to join you. I can't place who Anne is, but you know I love everyone else you mentioned.

And I still resent the team I played on 12 years ago for voting to go with the wrong answer for MO state flower. I was the only one on the team who grew up in MO, and they took the answer provided by some Irish guy. Grrrr.

Congratulations on your third place finish!

Hot Mom

Sorry, hon, the whores are right. If first place is a tie, second place is null and therefore you are third.


Sea salt brownies? I will put these on my list for my next Trader Joe's trip...although it is doubtful that they will be as good as Ellen's Mint Brownies. Those were awesome!


Big Dot - New Zealand whore. (Whore is like 'bugger' to us - it sounds much worse in other dialects but fairly tame here.)
3 - We did well for our band of brothers. Cant believe we lost the Saint Crispins question (patron saint of shoes).
Big Dot - Yes! And it starts with a C. I think we were thinking about the right fossil; we were all drawing spirals with our fingers, but we got the wrong name.
.75 - Whore.
Caroline - Anne has glasses, fabulous swingy short hair, and went to Princeton. Oh and she came to tea and had to be talked in from K___er.
Hot Mom - Pah. I concede you are right. But still a whore. Just because.
Lauren - No, TJs were fudgier, mint were cakey. I prefer fudgey brownies.

Big Dot

Gasp! I'll take that in the spirit in which it is used, but I have to say, that's a first for me.

NOT having Googled it, was it coelocanth? Ammonites are spirals but don't start with C. Unless you hiccup first.


Queen - Thank you. :) At least I'm a right whore.


Big Dot - http://www.sos.mo.gov/symbols/symbols.asp?symbol=fossil
There's no spiral at all. I am a stoopid whore.
.75 - Fine fine. Third then.

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