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April 10, 2009



Jesus looks like he's surfing from this angle!

Man...Moses doesn't get to have THIS much fun.


Yeah, but Moses would've parted that wine so he didn't need a cracker bridge.


I love this one. :D

Hot Mom

If ya'll hadn't left Elija so much wine, I'm sure Jesus would have enjoyed a soak.


.75 - Evrybody goes surfin', surfin' Galilee...
Caroline - Oh, Jesus doesn't need a bridge, he can walk on beverages.
Saels (hi!)- I like the way Jesus is about to do a handspring and dismount.
Hot Mom - There really was less wine this morning. Then I realized it was evaporation.


You're supposed to give Elijah a full glass.

As kids we used to stare at the level of the wine to see if it moved.

Usually it was someone shaking the table.


.75 - I probably used the wrong type of wine glass too.


Queen - Any glass will do. :) It's not like you have kosher dishes. hehhehehe

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