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April 05, 2009


Mrs. Hall

you are awed by my honesty? i'm sorry what, wait, you are what now? my honesty? in awe of what?

hee hee hee

booty pop!!

btw, I a dyyyyyyyyyyyiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg
to here any direct comments.

you are really a remarkable writer so yes, i am interested to here what you think.

either way

go Lob Slau 2009!!!


Yeah, looking at some incredible woman's lower thigh and calf just ruins a hamburger. Her the top of her round breasts and ample cleavage, however, are perfect to hold the ketchup from your French Fries.


"More than just a piece of meat"?!?! hahahahaha ...... ew.


Actually that commercial is disgusting, likely because of the finger licking part. Yuck.


I'm surprised flatulence didn't come up. You don't need no Master's Degree to fart from your twa...


We need video on the booty-poppin', methinks...I just can't get past that part.


Mrs Hall - You are tempting the trolls. Sh.
Sherri - That's a fine visual.
RockyCat - Hardees is a little ironic.
Zayrina - Oh, Gary hates finger licking. I thought it was a Catholic guilt quirk thing. Guess I'm wrong.
3 - See, this is what happens when you don't watch South Park. Twat farts are queefs. C'mon.
Mare - I think Sandy might have even taken a video


I've met your BIL. This development is bothersome.

Speaking of bothersome and inappropriate commercials, my husband keeps telling me about a commercial for a woman's personal grooming project that features women walking past bushes that have been trimmed into shapes such as triangles and skinny rectangles. I must catch this commercial, because it is just too hard to believe it exists.


Kind of sounds like that male enhancement commercial where all the guys are in a hardware store holding wood.


Caroline - Here it is:
and the parody:
Of course, maybe it's just light hearted.
3 - I'll be looking for that.


The Mow the Lawn commercial cracked me up, big time. We don't talk about that here!


Tami - I still have trouble believing its a real commercial. It cant be.


Tami - I still have trouble believing its a real commercial. It cant be.


Wow, I don't know what I was expecting when I read about the Hardee's commercial, but it wasn't that.

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