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April 03, 2009


Big Dot

When you go to the Coldplay concert, and Chris Martin gets you all doing the Wave with your lit-up cellphones in the dark, just remember WE DID IT IN AUCKLAND FIRST!



Queen - LobSlau? How come you changed the name? Is the giant cross really necessary? I mean, when you violate the laws of Moses, you REALLY violate them! hehehe

P.S. I'll probably just bring cheese unless there are some other donations you might want.

Mrs. Hall

Yeah, I realized that LobSlau was next weekend after I wrote the comment. do'h!

I feel righteous this Spring, abosolutely riotous. It has been a difficult winter and damn, here comes the Spring!



Also -- NOT WHINING. I'm glad you posted what you posted. It's HARD. And we get to be supportive of you and say "We like you" and all that stuff. It did not sound like whining, and I didn't hear whining, and therefore, it was not whining. It was talking -- to friends.


You didn't even mention going downtown. Did that turn out blogworthy?


Big Dot - bet you anything BNL did it first and they've never been to NZ.
.75 - no the names just a shorter version of Lobster Slaughter GNO
Mrs Hall --hellyeah. This is the spring of all springs.My muscles hurt they've been relaxing so fast.
Sherri - good! Glad to hear it.
Caroline - tremendously blog and photoworthiness. I was a celebrity for a few hours, I swear.


Fractious friction in the future. Good times ahead.


Magpie - Future fractious friction failed. Fart card fortified feelings.

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