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April 20, 2009


Big Dot

Really? Now for me, it's not really the song, or even so much the voice - of course Potts* and Susan Boyle sing well, but then so do lots of people - but mainly the pleasurable shock of something so lovely coming out of such an ordinary-looking vessel. And the whole new life opening up. And of course, seeing Simon Cowell's sneer get wiped off his face.

*In his case, not even that great, actually - I got dragged to one of his concerts, and regretted it. If he'd looked more like Hugh Jackman, time would have gone faster.
Call me shallow.

Erin G.


Since I am a performer myself, so many people in my life have been asking me what I think of Susan Boyle and her voice. I have to agree with you, it's not so much her voice...it's the flighty judgements followed by the crow-eating that is so satisfying to the public. To have a bunch of people give you a cold shoulder upon initial visual inspection...and then to "show them up" with heart and ability?

Well...who doesn't want to have that delicious experience?

I think there's a "wee little Susan Boyle" inside all of us! (hee hee!)


Big Dot - The song. It's the song. No one ever gives the songwriter credit!
Erin G - Sigh. I see you are agreeing vociferously with Big Dot, not with me ... but that's okay ... ( *mutters it's the song, it's just a really great song*)


I'll take both sides. I was amazed by her voice coming out of such an unassuming person, but I've had the song stuck in my head ever since.

Erin G.

Aw, Queen! Ok, ok! it's a great song and she does an admirable job with it.

I guess it doesn't resonate as deeply for me b/c I hear it so frequently in my line of work! When she opened her mouth, my reaction was, "Oh. I dreamed a dream. (shrug)"

But she is as cute as the dickens and I love the little butt wiggle she did on stage! THAT was awesome.


Caroline - Have your never heard Mama Cass?
Erin G - The butt wiggle horrified me! I saw myself in that butt wiggle.

Big Dot

By the way, BGT isn't just singing - have you seen this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gHvATmUsSg&feature=related

(Best if you went through a Michael Flatley phase, as we did in this house.)


Big Dot - Adorable!


Dick Cheney? Seriously???


Holly (Hi Holly, fellow Queen, and welcome) - No.

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