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April 25, 2009


Big Dot

You have such nice nails. My 4th and especially little toenails are pathetic, so I never wear polish on them. Even though my feet are the best bit of my entire legs.

Big Dot

By the way, I lived near Gloucester UK for years - my children were born there - so I feel a personal interest in who this person is who's come to you from there looking for 'bananafish paedophile'.

Those search results are AMAZING.


I need a spring pedicure. Where did you get yours done? Email me.


Very nice, and you have the cutest toes! They look like my kids' did when they were little - I'm so jealous. I've had old lady feet since I was born. Lovely spring color, too, by-the-way.


I just wanted to let you know that I'm totally going to blow past you in the summer toenail polish department.


Big Dot - Haven't you JD Salinger there in NZ? SPEAKING OF WHICH - I hear there is a case of swine flu right there with you in Auckland.
Caroline - Done.
Mare - I was trying to think of a way to get "rosy-fingered-dawn" into the title, but Rosy-toenailed dawn" didnt do it.
Jammies - You know, as I said just in the last post, Spunky Labia International Toe Porn Superstar is a competitive bitch. Don't bait her.

Big Dot

Why, yes we have, just along the road, as it happens. We got it straight from the source, in Mexico, so it's bound to be good and undiluted - nevertheless, everyone from the US is being screened too. Not that we pass them through a heat-sensitive device like in Japan and Chile - no, we just ask "Y'right? S story."


Spunky's goin' down!


Big Dot - I remember my screening to get into England. I got a little lecture on how rude Americans tend to be. I promised not to be rude and he let me in.
Jammies - That sounds so dirty.


My toenails are still indigo. They're happier that way.


Tami - I am too close to death to do the dark polish.

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