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April 10, 2009


Big Dot

This is such a perfect example of endoskeleton v exoskeleton that I can't think why it's not a standard illustration in all school biology text books.

Oh, wait, maybe I can...


We should have set it on fire since it kinda looks like a cigar sticking out...

Hot Mom

My lighter wasn't being useful. That could have worked. Why didn't you mention it last night?


Big Dot - the Cheeto, right? It muddies the issue.
.75 - Uh ... maybe a really big red cigar with antennae and eyeballs...
Hot Mom - .75, it's in your court.


I was too busy playing with the fake iPod Zippo lighter.


I love this. It's a modern memento mori.


.75 - *looks at fingernails*
Elsa - Ooo. Only it should be in black and white and be an engraving.

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