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April 09, 2009


Big Dot

Your surprise is *ahem* no doubt due to the OVERWHELMING PAROCHIALISM of US news services, since 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) ships were seized by pirates in that area LAST MONTH ALONE. It's just that this is the first American one.

Maybe they'll summon up the undead...


Big Dot - On the one hand, true, US News is self-absorbed. But of course what makes this story most interesting IS that it was a US ship. It's like 9-11. My reaction to 9-11 was "Hey! Don't you know who we ARE?"

And now we have pirates after us. I can see pirates attacking the British or Austrailians, but who sees the US flag and says "Let's attack them" - A ballsy band o' pirates, that's who.


NPR has been reporting on a lot of ships, not just the US one. I've been hearing about this for months. They are, I suspect, fascinated by the pirates.

Wasn't there a US ship in the waters near Somalia a month or so ago, trying to look all threatening? Have to check after I have some caffeine and can see through the morning blur.

From the dark side....

If Johnny Depp shows up, let me know. :)


I want to know what kind of person thinks that "Pirate" is an OK choice for a career. Seriously? Take over people's boats by force, hurt or kill them and take their things? That's the best you could come up with? You feel good about yourself?

Big Dot

How funny! If anyone attacked us, I would be saying exactly the same thing, but with completely different intonation, intending to convey 'Some mistake, surely?'


Dot, Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie weren't on any of those ships, hence the intense lack of US coverage of Somalian piracy.

America's journalistic standards are somewhere between toilet and sewer system.


This was definitely a problem back in November when we were getting ready to go on our cruise, because a cruise ship had just outrun a pirate speedboat.

I read somewhere this week that only about 200 ships sail under the American flag, which is why this is so rare.


Sherri - NPR does love the pirates. It's the new aparthied.
FTDS - MMmmm - no. But the lead for All American Rejects has a nuance of Johnny Depp about him
Tami - Well, "Sea Thief" doesn't have the ring of "pirate."
Big Dot - I can not believe it is still going on. The only developoment today was that he's eating.
3 - And what gets me is that they keep saying it's because they have to fill the 24 hours news cycle - since when? After 10 there is no new news until 5 am.
Caroline - Only 200? That's remarkable.

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