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April 07, 2009


Big Dot

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I went to her blog from here and enjoyed her attitude to life and the small joys she found every day. I hadn't visited for a while, but I will now.


Cancer can suck my balls.


Death sucks. Well, most of the time.



Mrs. Hall

From her blog, written by her love Erik,

"She did not live for drama and artificially complicated emotions but instead for the simplicity of feelings projected out through sincerity and an unbiased affection for her fellow humans. She lived for the beauty of nature, and to share with everyone the joy of expressing inner truth. In her art she took delicate human emotion and put it out there for the world. To Sara, art was an act of love and courage. A love for life and beauty which was too big not to be shared, and the courage to put herself out there with no fear of those with base motives. She was never afraid of people like this, but instead felt only pity. Pity in part for their own inability to be themselves, and pity for the energy wasted in blind conformance."

amen to that.

let's all raise our glass and give thanks

(group hug everybody)

Mrs. Hall


Actually, I'm pretty damned sick of death, and after reading Elizabeth's blog, I'm pretty damned grateful to be suffering only from menstrual cramps.


Big Dot - Her love has a new post. Mom would agree with it. It's on pity and how unwelcome it is.
Angie - That sounds dangerous.
Becs - Always sucks
Magpie - Too much death all around.
Mrs Hall - to Life!
3 - Aw.

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