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April 06, 2009



At work I often have people tell me "Them eggs is expired." If you ever read about a cashier in Michigan going insane and trying to beat basic grammar into "them customer's heads" with canned goods, that would be why.


Awesome. The grammar is to die for (ha ha).

Mrs. Hall

oh my goodness. really, this was the next screen?

maybe they left the bad grammer in there to add to the absurb and surreal nature of it all.


go lobslau '09.


Crystal (Bratcw)

I don't know which I like better:

a) When You passed away (Explain This)
b) You was widowed

I'm thinking that if you can explain your own demise, you have bigger issues than your taxes.


At Mass, part of the liturgy goes "All honor and glory is yours." Seriously. Every day. It bothers me.


God I love it when I'm all geared up to be sad and depressed, and my mother disguised as the Universe makes it impossible. Still giggling over the whole screen...


Laughing, or even sighing, has got to be better than crying, anyway.
Unless you were all like, "I have got to call Mom and tell her about thi-oh CRAP."


So you're supposed to channel your mother AND deal with bad grammar? Awesome.

Maybe the person who wrote this software was still dealing with her mother's death and knew how hard it would be to complete this screen without a distraction. It's easier to take if you believe it was intentional.


So hard to decide which is worse - the insensitivity or the grammar. Wow.


Did your SIL program it?


ScottieDawg - Then say, "NO EGGS FOR YOU!"
Magpie - Hollow laugh
Mrs Hall - just a programming glitch, probably because I signed on in a sideways kind of way.
Crystal (Bratcw) - thanks for noiticing that, too. I couldn't think of a way to phrase it; you did.
Becs - http://tinyurl.com/cd98wv agrees with you.
Trisha - I know! I thought it was pretty funny.
gaoo - No, luckily I'm past that part. I was more like, "Hey, Mom did that, she knows." Of course she didn't. Maybe she knows. Or maybe she has better things to occupy her time, like flamenco dancing.'
Caroline - Okay, this is the best part - some social medioa mining program found it and it's been up for discussion possibly among the TurboTax programmers. I checked, though, it's still wrong.
Kkat - Oh, the grammar is worse, without a doubt.
3 - Does it say "You don't got a husband?"

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