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April 03, 2009



We totally enjoyed having you. And that picture of me? And your technique? Let me just say: Internet: don't be fooled, the down-tilt camera angle SUBTRACTS 60 lbs!

Thanks again for coming down! Everyone loved you!

Rachel from the cruise

Have to say. . .I'm still on my Ellen from St. Louis high! It was sooo great to see you again : ) Enjoy that skull! --Rachel from the cruise


We'll have to get a picture of a lobster with that skull.


Perhaps you could name one of the lobsters Yorick...


Christy - Thank you so much -I was singing in the car on the way back! I had a great time attention whore that I am.
Rachel - you made my week you guys.Im celebrating next arbor day as Ellen from Saint Louis Day
Caroline - Oh those lobsters would look good coming out between the skulls teeth.
Mare -gary met the skull and said "alas poor Yorik, I knew him ...fellatio."


Caroline, we must remember to take the picture from the right angle.

Mrs. Hall


i once named a friend's cat Labia. NO LIE!

um. I even did a blog post about it. It is damn good post too.

but, not sure if i can share it yet, not sure if we are that kind of bloggy bloggy people yet.

ok it's in there though, in the Mrs. Hall hall of fame.

either way, yay!


3 - The skull looks thin too.
Mrs. Hall - I went, I saw, I laughed, I was awed by your honesty. Go look at the Mrs. Hall Hall of fame on her site.

Rachel from the cruise

I've pretty much lost my need for Arbor day, so I stand in full support of official Ellen From St. Louis Day-- Christy and I can buy you lunch and give you more presents!


Rachel - I use my bone pen every single day!

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