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April 10, 2009



My eyes went directly to the chocolatey goodness of heaven!


Oh man, you are going straight to hell.


Guess what I'm eating for breakfast while I read this, 0.75?


Oh you are awesome!

I'm having leftover cheese so you win! :)


.75 - I'd pick cheese for breakfast.
gaoo - Neh. The Jews who ate lobster on passover are going to hell.
Caroline /.75 - I give up. Going to bed. Talk amongst yourselves.


I thought we were already going to hell for not following HeySoos?

If we're going, we might as well go out having fun (just ask the lobsters)!


.75 - I thought you all didn't believe in Hell?


Queen - I don't. :) Just talking with the Christians in their terms. :)

Although I think I will just so I have a really good excuse to have fun ALL the time. hehehe

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