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April 16, 2009



And you would be all over the Violent Femmes today. With lyrics like "I stained my sheets and I don't even know why", how could Leonard Cohen or BNL (minus the cocaine) compete?


Now you've done it - seized up my weak little mind with your opening sentence. Are memes, by definition, constantly evolving and therefore new, or as you point out, constantly redundant...? I need coffee.

And have you noticed that olive green and khaki green definitely intersect? This has always bothered me, because we tend to call them all olive green in our house. I think it's all Gary Green from now on. That offends me less, and will help keep my husband confused. Excellent. Thank you.

Big Dot

(Ah, so has 'olive drab' finally dropped out of use? I always thought it was such a put-down term for a colour. Perhaps it was because your army types were embarrassed by nancy things like colour. Maybe they're more in touch with their feminine side these days.)

And what about you, Queen? Colourist! Where's white, eh?


I like Violent Femmes and violent femmes.


Right now I could use 4 for my headache.

For me, it's always, "Help, Orange!". I can't explain it.


3 - Because with LC and BNL there's more than one good line in a song.
Mare - Khaki green, olive drab, gray-green: they all fall under the heading of Gary green.
Big Dot - Well, in Gary's world if anyone blanches or raises an eyebrow she is as white as a sheet.
.75 - But what about violet femmes?
Tami - 4? Is 4 orange? Do you have that synethesisia issue where numbers are different colors? Talk to Hot Mom. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia


Queen - How about femmes IN violet?


Hmmm. 4 is not orange to me, but that's a really interesting condition. Those were actually 2 separate thoughts. See, foolishly, I assumed that you would have been curious enough to check out the Violent Femmes by now, and the first thought was a VF reference.

The second thought is just what I hear in my head when someone says "orange". It's years old, and it's from something silly I was doing with my sister, but all I remember about the day is that one line.

But the Violent Femmes - they have WAY more than one good line in a song. I must share some of this with you.


Ooooh! I have not thought about the Femmes in years! I was mildly obsessed with them for a time in high school. Sigh, now I feel old; I need to go download some Femmes onto my MP3 and reminisce about the olden days of cassettes!


.75 - Violent violet femmes. Any football teams wear purple?
Tami - 4? Not 3? Yeah, I've listened to Gary's VF album, but only twice. I usually need four listens.
Mary - Ah, cassetes. I think I still have all the cassetes I used in my '91 CRX. All five of them.

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