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April 24, 2009



I'm thinking (and hoping) the cops would have received quite a few phone calls.

Big Dot

Another story you'll never hear the end of - life's full of them, dammit.


Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gon' do?
Whatcha gon' do when they come for you?


Yeah, but did the sheriff's helicoptor circle your neighborhood for an hour?


I had 2 thoughts after the first couple paragraphs:
1) someone yelling at their dog?
2)someone defending their right to read, say, Cosmo, or Redbook, which is all full of Was-My-Face-Red stories about dildoes falling out of purses. My mother, who gives me all her old magazines, finally had to quit subscribing to Redbook 'cause we razzed her about dildoes so much. Haha, good times.


.75 - Yeah, if I'd lived next him he would have woken me up. I was wondering though, should i have called? There were no threats.
Big Dot - But, I will be sure to peer at the people on that street and try to connect the faces with the voice.
3 - Surprisngly, there are more lyrics: http://tinyurl.com/dam2n5
Caroline - No! But then, you live on the other side of D________, down by the river.
gaoo - Oh! AND they are always 18, and they always tell their Mom. If anything fell out of my purse at 18 Mom would have been struck dead right then.


I didn't realize D_________ was the tracks, but given what the houses on each side of it look like, I can see it. But hey, I have horses on my side of the tracks!

And did you know that if you do Google earth over our area and zoom in, you can see the individual horses?


Caroline - No way! What about the filthy sheep?

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