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April 20, 2009


Big Dot

I'm so glad you stopped before taking the photos (unlike another blogger I read recently), otherwise it might well have been the end of the world for you.

So, did they just passs over with no drama?


Sorry, I've seen weirder, but only a couple of times. But I always love those clouds that look like they could spin into a tornado with no notice, like the one in that bottom photo.


I didn't even notice any clouds. It was mostly sunny on the south side.

Weirdest weather in recent history? Thunderstorm that apparently wetted only one side of my building.


> It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fiiiiiiine.

It was typical "it's sunny, no it's rainy, just kidding" St. Louis weather. Every 100 feet I kept having to put my visor up or down.


I miss Texas weather. The wind, the clouds tinged with color, the smells of the storms coming in.

This post made me vahklempt.


Tornado clouds. Saw way too many of those in Florida, even if ours were baby ones that just ripped up metal garden sheds.


They do look ominous.


just try and keep those on your end of 1-70, wouldja? kthxbai


Big Dot - You would have seen better photos. Hey - weather comes from the west here. Does weather blow in from any direction down there in NZ?
Caroline - I saw a waterspout over the river once. Never seen a tornado. Sigh.
Kathy - I can believe that. I've had it rain in the back yard and not in the front.
.75 - You are such a delicate flower!
Surprising Woman - Must be whu I like storms. I was born in Texas.
Becs - Sky wasn't green (with grass) or amber (with clay soil) though. And no sounds of trains.
Greenwords - And they only resulted in a light sprinkle.
Jenny - Hey! It came from the west. You all sent it.


Queen - I am all soft inside! It's just a butch exterior.

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