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April 27, 2009


Big Dot

I think you have something there, seriously. Get out there manufacturing and distributing, woman! And when it's all over and you have a warehouse full of no longer-wanted masks, just ship them over to China and Thailand - there's a steady market there. This could be your fortune, waiting to be made!

[5% is all I ask.]


First I went "Awww". And then I went "What?!?"

Thus endeth the Gary Lesson.

Amy in StL

In case Gary is terribly worried; I'd take those tickets off of you should the need arise. I never got around to buying tickets and my boyfriend isn't a fan. But if I had to do it to save a friend; he'd have to go along with it. We won't tell him that I've never actually met you or anything!


Mind you, I know absolutely nothing about cymbals, but he *mounts* them? Eleven of them? It all sounds very twisted.

Kick-ass idea on the masks. Tell Gary he needs one too, and not to think of it as wearing a mask so much as mounting one.


Oh Gary, real men can have a single-digit number of cymbals. But then again, we know you're more manly than most.

I'd be more than happy to accept your tickets if it will lead to marital bliss.


WHAT?! "It might be too late to sell the tickets, then."?!?

Billy Joel.
Elton John.

'Nuf said.


Big Dot - How about "I survived the swine flu pandemic of '09?" If you do all the work I'll sell you the idea for a dollar.
Becs - Yeah. I do that all the time.
Amy in StL - I'll remember that. (Actually, I figure Elton will cancel before we'd have to, see this: http://tinyurl.com/dyrqow )
Mare - You should see his ride cymbal! Hah! Drum humor.
Caroline - I can use the ride cymbal joke here too!
3 - Actually, someone on the BNL message board is selling his and is unable to.

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