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April 27, 2009


Kelly Light

That was a weird article. I also find it weird when said former lead singer refers to himself as a "single parent". No one died - he left. She's still primary care giver - so they share the responsibilities- so no single parenting there. - alright- complaint over. -That's just been bothering me.

Mrs. Hall

Huh. Well, it is wierd this splitting of the singer- that shall not be name for fear of upsetting spunky labia- from his band.

What's wierder is that he doesn't elaborate on the arrest in terms of wtf? Does he have an addiction? Was it 'someone elses?' What?

And i really appreciate that he has other ambitions, to write for theater, get all serious and be a real artist but come one, BNL can still happen every few years. The goal, when completing a body of work, is to have balance.

Yeah, it feels fishy him cutting the ties and such. fishy fishy fishy

and I hope the reviewer's kid finds a new daddy :)


If comments for that article were open I'd say: Ships, Richard. Ships.


I like the way he talked about how he found out shallow his bad friends were and how good his good friends were. Isn't he shacking up with one of the bad friends and kicked four of his good friends to the curb? WTF? That article was enlightening to say the least, I think it made Tyler real happy too. Oy


Erm...I actually think that not consuming your young makes you a pretty successful parent, US or Canada, but that's just me.

And you really should get those toes on the webcam and charge for it, SL.


Sorry, babe, he's now sunk to the level of deadbeat loser at the defendant's table being berated handily by Judge Judy.


Kelly Light - Sigh. I know. You wouldn't think a theater critic would be so ... uncritical?
Mrs. hall - I thank you, Spunky thanks you. Don't anger Spunky.
Erin - Thank you for mocking the appropriate subject, Erin! "Chips" and Dip. Poor fact checking, that.
Surprising Woman - It's one of those articles that speaks more in what it doesn't say than in what it does say.
Mare - Spunky already has a fan: Josh. See http://tinyurl.com/d8uo3d
3 - Sigh. Focus on the poor journalism.

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