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April 29, 2009



I came right there in my chair-and-a-half! My prez ROCKS!!!

Big Dot

Our man's coming up to his first 100 days too. No complaints really, except that he's grey. Whereas yours isn't, in any sense of the word.


Amen, sister.
I still can't get over the fact that our current president is a thoughtful, intelligent, articulate human being, who even shares my views on most issues. I find it amazing every day.


3 - Sigh. I know. I never understood Aunt Carleen's obsession with JFK, but now I do.
Big Dot - No. He matches the pannelling in the White House. So nice to watch.
Kristie - And yet still seems so dwon to earth.


*Sigh* He's my Martin Luther King, JFK, and Mother Theresa all rolled into one. All hail the Triune Prez...

"He matches the pannelling" - ROFL - Ow, that hurts.


Mare - I'm sure we'll find out he still uses cocaine. Plus he does smoke. Thats a big turn-off.

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