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April 21, 2009



Wait! There's more!

(No, there isn't! I'm gone.)

Mrs. Hall

Amen to the non fat. To make it non fat they amp up the carbs/sugar. Best to choose the lower fat version.

Also, amen to complicated clothes. Well, I wear complicated clothes (suits) for work. But, I spot clean them only so it's all good.

drop d tuning? What is that?



Yeah, all of them, plus:
Dry clean only.
Unrecognized 8xx or 9xx phone numbers on the phone screen.
One size fits all.


You watch The Amazing Race, right? That's produced by Bruckheimer, and yet does not suck. It's odd.

Big Dot

Brilliant list! Except add (even worse than yours, Silk) Hand wash only.
Plus - And now for our sports report...


What makes us race for the remote in our house is "WHEEL.....OF......"
We also have a list of products we will never buy simply because of their ads. Whisk (ring around the collar) and (please don't squeeze the) Charmin top the list.Also: anything advertised by Wilford Brimley. Or whatever his name is. Also: anything dripping with stringy cheese on the tv ad-looks so gross. And I love cheese. I guess you have touched a nerve.


This is your second message. Your vehicle's warranty may have expired.


Drop D tuning? I'm impressed at anyone who is aware of it and can still dismiss it.
"Also: anything advertised by Wilford Brimley"--agreed. But cilantro? I'll eat damn near anything if you tell me there's cilantro in it.



(capitalized because the man has no volume control)


Sherri - I think you are right on board with Caroline. Isn't it Billy Mays who says that? How would we know? We never watch it.
Mrs hall - Drop D tuning requires you to take the last string on your guitar and loosen it so it's one note lower. I suppose I could take my extra guitar and just leave it tuned that way.
~~Silk - Oh, I like dry clean only. Ask Marcia. I have a suit I have never dry cleaned, but god knows I can't wash it, so like mrs hall I spot clean it. That, spit and Febreeze, that's how I deal with the laundry here.
Angie - I don't watch reality TV or competitions. Well, I watch the last three episodes of AI.
Big Dot - I'm with you. Even though I did check to see if our hockey team was stopped in its tracks last night.
Gaoo - Nooooo - that cheese looks good. But yes, Wheel of -- gets the boot here too.
Tasterspoon - Oh! And here's another: "IMPORTANT. PROXY VOTE REQUESTED."
Mooderator (Hi and welcome!) - Don't be impressed. I'm usually playing my way through a fakebook, and I'm just too lazy to change it and change it back. My fingers are too short to do a power chord anyway. I'm still making my way through learning the non-power non-barre chords.
Caroline - I know he sells something. Is it Orange Glo? Yep, I always click away too.


"Have a happy period!"

Any movie where a normal actor attempts to play a mentally challenged person to tell an uplifting tear-jerker type story.

I know I've got so very much more, but right now that's all I can think of.


Faythe - Oh! Add to my list any movie about highschool teachers who appear to have only one class, and that class has only 20 students in it.


I call Wilford Brimley "Walrus Brimley".

That is all.


Tami - You'll be sorry when he's dead. Unless he's already dead...

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