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March 03, 2009


jessica fantastica

FALSE! I am currently using Joico and the shampoo and conditioner bottles are freaking identical except for the words on the bottle, so I'm feelin' ya on this. However I was using Back to Basics and that bottle is purple? And before that it was magenta. Ok, so probably a little more than you needed here...but there ya go!


My current conditioner bottle is white, but so is my shampoo bottle -- I know the difference because the conditioner bottle is an oval-ish shape. Conditioners tend to be white-ish, I guess to recall mayonnaise (the hair conditioner of old), but it's not universal. It can be other colors -- yellow, pink, even blue. Bottles can be all kinds of colors.

I also have a tube of special conditioner for dyed hair. Both the tube and the contents are intense dark red. Of course, conditioner in a tube may not count.

Gary's logic does not hold up. In fact, it sounds like "I need to make some shit up based on limited examples to sound smarter than the woman mixing up conditioner and shampoo." He needs a tour of the hair care aisle at Target or Wal-Mart.


Both my shampoo and conditioner come in white bottles, too, save for the economy-sized bottle of L'Oreal I use when I hair is really dry -- it's bright orange (bottle and product).


Your husband is smoking crack. Bottle color is based on brand. I've had every color bottle for conditioner...purple, orange, and even white. But usually it's the same color as the shampoo bottle if they're the same brand!

Although my dandruff shampoo DOES always come in a blue bottle. :)


yeah, bottle color could be anything, but i have conditioner in my shower now that is a orangie sherbert color, the bottle is clear, the matching shampoo is clear...


Mine's purple. Used to be an odd off-white, but the whole brand has purple bottles for everything, now. Luckily, I don't use that brand for shampoo, so the bottles look wildly different.


Tell Gary to look at the conditioner bottles next time he's in Lush. They are *clear* :)


Mine's Garnier and it's green like the shampoo. The only difference is the conditioner bottle is upside down.

Crystal (Bratcw)

My shampoo tube is clear, but the shampoo is red. My conditioner tube is solid red. The only thing that clearly distinguishes them in the shower is once I've used the shampoo a few times and can see the line of demarkation between the actual shampoo and the empty space above it.


The matching shampoo / conditioner bottles are a bane to the extremely near sighted. Now that I think of it, I should use a sharpie or some permanent market to write SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER on their respective bottles. In very, very large letters. Using a different color for shampoo and conditioner. And so on.

Hey! Did you know Panera thinks you're obscene? Srsly. I can't get to your blog from there.


I can't answer that question because I have a lifetime supply of mini bottles of hotel conditioner, lifted by my father who travels all the time and always takes the soap.

I hate it when my husband is right. Which is never.


I think Kim is onto something. If it's possible, set your shampoo bottle upside down from now on. A) You'll recognize it as your shampoo without having to look at it (unless Gary's is a cruel prankster), and B) gravity allows the excess to settle right where it's poured from.

As an alternative, you can read the bottle before dispensing.

You're welcome.

Big Dot

Considerate manufacturers who think about glasses-wearers fumbling about in the shower put their shampoo and conditioners in differently-shaped bottles, ideally right way up and upside down, as Gary would know IF HE HAD MADE A SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF THIS AND NOT EXTRAPOLATED FROM A SINGLE OBSERVATION. 'Almost' a biology degree - I think we know why.


I've been experimenting with brands recently. Gary is very much not right. I recently started using Garnier Nutrisse, which has white conditioner in a green bottle. I have noticed that as soon as I rinse the conditioner out of my hair my bathmat becomes very slippery. Neither Suave nor Herbal Essences caused that. Does he have any theories to explain it?


Jessica fantastica - Oo! Are you sharing the shower?" Because some people here have success with flipping one upside down.
Sherri - He would argue that the conditioner distributors were affected by the economy.
Kathy - L'Oreal? Orange? I am so old.
.75 - You don't have dandruff! Guess it worked.
Lolly (Hi, Lolly!) - Okay, orange sherbet conditioner sounds very cool.
Tami - One vote for purple.
Tonya - Ooo! Ooo! Lush! I have Lush news. That Gorgeous stuff really works. On me. God knows Gary would use it all up if he knew. Shhh.
Kim - I'd put it upside down and he'd "correct" it.
Crystal - Ew! Red is a bad color for shampoo. Does it look like a horror movie when you shower?
Becs - Cool! I'm Officially Panera Porn!
Magpie - Gary is also evidently wrong in this case.
3 - Says the woman who doesn't share the shower.
Big Dot - Ha! 'Almost' only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, as they say.
Caroline - If I asked him I am sure he would say thats because it is a strong base. I almost passed college-level chemistry, you know.

Amy in StL

How weird, conditioner bottles aren't always white. Mine is currently gold, and it matches the shampoo. Which makes me glad I'm not nearsighted!
To Caroline - My guess is that Garnier Nutrisse is a better conditioner. I find that cheaper brands break down easily in water. It's why I'll use a cheaper shampoo, but a more expensive conditioner. (Go Pureology!)


Amy in StL - I think you're right. I'm sticking with this one. Is it bad that I plan to use up the rest of my other experimental bottles on my 5yo?


Amy in StL - Ooolala! Fancy gilded shampoo!
Caroline - She had such pretty hair.


Queen - BINGO!

3 - I like your reading the label idea. Instead, my shampoo is always on the right, conditioner on the left.

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