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March 01, 2009



Seriously. I was so excited to get Twittering, but I find the only interesting person there is Stephen Fry. He posts interesting photos and stuff about where he is, and he is currently on vaca around the world. HIS tweets are interesting. Steven Page, OTOH....well I just can't read his girlfriend's tweets back and forth. I just want to throw up. I know I shouldn't be so judgmental, but I can't help it.


No fear at all.


Nope. No fear. Also have a prolapsed uterus.

I do sometimes try very hard to forget things, though. It only works on my keys.


So what is your Twitter name? I am @mamarcus17


I was lured into the Steven Page twitter thing, which led me to the girlfriend's, which led me elsewhere. Definitely TMI. I feel like a creepy, horrible person.
It's just so easy to click on links to who knows where on the internet...

Big Dot

How ironic that it's only the sane people who want to keep their thoughts safe and private inside their skulls. The ones whose thoughts would probably be worth reading, that is.


Tonya - I kind of thought her tweets humanized her. I'll have to check out Stephen Fry. Or not. It's a slippery slope.
Magpie - Fearless!
Sherri - My sympathies for your uterus. (*Kegels*)
.75 - No! I refuse to tell you. Do not twitter me. If a bird twitters in a forest and no one is there to hear it ...
Kristie - Yeah, I branched out too. I felt like I was rummaging through their trash.
Big Dot - Yep, if you keep your thoughts safe, people usually assume they're worthwhile. Or so I understand.


I can't Twitter you OR text you...you're just lucky you go to movies and concerts with me!

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