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March 23, 2009




I don't get the Blu-Ray - Larry, Darryl, Darryl connection.


.75 - Poor girl. You are too young to have watched Newhart? A very distinctive character actor would appear (with his 2 mute brothers) in every episode and introduce himself as "Hello, I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl and my other brther Darryl." He appears in Blade Runner along with Daryl Hannah and all you can think his first few scenes is "Hello, Im Larry" etc.


Oh, you're making me nostalgic for our old guinea pig. He loved to ride the Rhoomba - the new pig is too hyper, he just can't seem to sit back and enjoy the ride like Butters did.

(.75, the Scooba is like a wet-wipe Rhoomba, but sicklier.)

After seeing Blade Runner for the first time many moons ago, I thought that the brothers Darryl on Newhart needed gender-bender eye makeup - wouldn't that have been fun?


Newhart rocks. And you can find it in re-runs on 13 or 23 - can't remember which.


Mare - They should have had some type of shout-out. Like, one of them could have made origami.
Caroline - In my view the best episode of tv ever was the final episode of Newhart.


Queen - I watched Newheart thankyou. But didn't realize Larry and Darryl were in Bladerunner. Just needed to know the connection.

haha Makes sense Scooba is the wet version. hehe


Queen -- I'm with you on the last episode of Newhart. I've been touting that as one of the greatest episodes of TV ever and I get a lot of blank looks.

I have a Roomba. His name is Seymore, and he really is sick. The iRobot people are sending him a new computer thingy, though, and then he'll be back to normal. I wonder, though, will his identity change when he gets a new brain? Should I name him something else?


.75 - Not Darryl and his other brother Darryl, just Larry.
Chrsity - No, he's just going into high school and conforming to be like all his friends.

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