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March 09, 2009



Remember that old shampoo from the 70s - "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!"

Bet it doesn't.


If Mac is anything like our 11yo dog, I don't know how you sleep. Scotch can clear a room! Thank God he sleeps on the other side of the house.


Between Santa, me, and the dog, one is never sure to whom one might attribute the noxious gas. I would guess Santa to be in the lead.


I'm sorry, but I could never love a dog that much. Jesus, woman. You have the strongest constitution of anyone I "know".


I'm with the others: once a dog pukes in my ear, he's done with lying on my head. Forever. Call me heartless.
Our dog Wilbur is 12 now. He does have a mighty stench about him, and he sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed, farting and whimpering all night. Thankfully he is too lame to get on the bed anymore. Sometimes he "poots" so much I have to make him get up and go lie on his own bed farther away.
In between urges to get up and languidly shred the couch, the cat Isaac sleeps on the bed at our feet, glaring up at us if someone has to turn over or other disruptive behavior.
What fascinating homelives we all lead....


I have a farting cat, Ophelia, who sleeps either on my head or between the pillows. Sometimes. She has never farted in the bed, for which I am thankful, as it's a death weapon. She has many toxic weapons. I recall one night recently -- The Husband and I were in bed, and I heard action in the litterbox in the bathroom. Then The Smell wafted into our room. We BOTH dove under the covers until it unbearable. I made him go scoop. It was his turn.

My oldest male cat likes to sit on the chair behind me with his ass pressed to my ear. I guess I'm supposed to hear the ocean.


3 - I knew you would probably smell my hair, that's why I didnt come to lunch today.
Caroline - I know, Mac emits a green radioactive cloud.
Zayrini - Gary comes in second to the dog with smell. As always I emit a delightful lemon-shortbread odor.
Candy - I only have to hold my breath a few seconds. If I were string I'd be like gaoo and make the dog sleep somewhere else.
gaoo - Heartless! What's a little dog puke? I'm with Issac.
Sherri - A childrens book! Ophelia, the Farting Cat.

Big Dot

This sort of thing cuts both ways, you know. I have a cat who likes to sleep inside the bed with me - she feels the cold - but when I fart she's forced out into the night-time chill. I used to try not to, but now she's older she lets out a silent-but-deadly herself from time to time, so fair's fair.

floating princess

I have a 6 month old puppy and she toots like a teenage boy! She is of the silent but deadly variety. I totally don't trust her to have her caboose near my face!


Big Dot - Cats can break wind? I had no idea!
I suppose any mammal can.
Floating princess - Mac does not give me a choice. He creeps up there when I sleep.

Amy in StL

Holy Lord! I haven't laughed this much at work in ages!

Big Dot

For sheer volume of flatus, as I believe it is correctly termed, it's hard to beat a horse.


Amy in StL - always be thankful that the people at work don't put their asses on your head when they poot.
Big Dot - flatus! But then, that isn't a verb. What about flaut? I going to adopt that in my house for a while, because 'poot' is just silly.

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