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March 19, 2009



Hot Mom's suggestion was frickin' hilarious. You should really save that little gesture for LobSlau'09. I'm bringing the Patron and someone is driving me home or giving me a blanket and a bucket.


3 - Sadly, Baby Christ has been in the ceramic manager for 2000 years and his ceramic butt has melded to the ceramic straw and he's like that fat lady who was trapped in the toilet and her skin melded to the seat. Essentially, He and the Manger are one.


Oh, and re: The Shrine: Oh. My. God. (And I mean, MY God.)

Glad you're feeling better!

Big Dot

Although stricken by a lurgy myself, I am recoiling in horrified disbelief at the photo. They have that IN THEIR HOUSE??? Gary got out just in time (at least, I hope he did).

Mrs. Hall


you weren't kidding about the inlaws and their religion. whoa!

ok glad you are back amoung the living.

and go LobSlau '09!!!


Whoa Camel! That is truly frightening, even worse that the gnome. All I can think of is the movie 'Carrie'. Your Moms-in-law doesn't resemble Piper Laurie, does she?

Too bad about the Baby Jesus, that could've been a fun new family trad.

Glad you're feeling better - did the laptop recover as well? If not, you could visit the shrine in an attempt to heal/exorcize it?


ooooh, 3, I really can't recommend Patron & lobster. Gaah. Perhaps a simple gin & lemonade. Oh, and go easy on the butter is my advice.

Queen, it's a good thing they are praying FOR you and not against you.


I'm scared.

- Ralph Wiggum


I'm two degrees away from The All American Rejects.

1) I used to bowl on a league with Tyson's Grandma.
2) I substitute bowled on a league with Nick's Grandma.
3) My oldest son is dating a cousin of Tyson's.
4) Another cousin of Tyson's was one of my interns years ago.
5) Nick's family's flower shop did the flowers for my wedding.

I'm practically related, but I've never met any of them.

Big Dot

I've been drawn back to this photo again. Please tell me those aren't relics in the glass jars - you know, Gary's tonsils and adenoids, that sort of thing.


Thanks for the warning, gaoo. I may give the gin and lemonade a try. :-)


I know it's none of my business, but I get the shudders just thinking about mixing lobster and tequila. Oh nooooooo. Wish I could join you girls for the party, 'cause I know it would be a blast. Too bad about the thousand miles or whatever it is between us.


I just noticed the flesh colored lightbulbs. What the----?


Could you nail the whole manger to the cross?

Big Dot

And, given that that couldn't be even a Daguerrotype of the Christ Child, is it really proper to tuck family photos into a shrine?


3 - Well, the cough is back, damnit.
Big Dot - Actually, according to Gary, the in-laws post-altar are preferable to the pre-altar in-laws.
Mrs Hall - I'm making a LobSlau countown timer tomorrow
Mare - Yeah. I find it so alarming I've been afraid to post the picture for three years.
gaoo - I'm just happy I'm not in the pocket reserved for Saint Jude they have on the side of the altar.
Becs - Snort!
Sherry - That is too cool!
Big Dot - Oh, no, just candles and handy jars of holy water. I suppose the tall plastic container of Holy Water on the left side by the Virgins wasn't shrine-like.
3 - It seems Gary was not talking out of his ass at lunch - gin is big in Maine.
gaoo - Yeah .... I dunno. I don't think even wikipedia knows. Maybe they give the graven images a more lifelike complexion.
Magpie - Damn. Ceramac. Oh, but I could super-glue Jesus up there. Bt then there'd be Christmas again.
Big Dot - Proper? Do they care? Jesus is family, too, don;t forget. The jars question made me inspect that photo and I noticed there is no photo of my potentially crippled ass on that shrine.


This makes me reminisce for my friend Kristen's grandma. When Kristen was in junior high, grandma could no longer live on her own. Kristen ended up sharing a bedroom with grandma for years, and the room featured a similar shrine. Once Kristen and I went on a roadtrip in college and her grandma hobbled down the driveway sprinkling holy water on my Saturn as we drove away. maybe that's why that car was cursed to most costly, bizarre repairs of any I've ever known.


Caroline - Perhaps the water sublimated off the car and onto the two of you. Who knows? Did you stay pure on that trip?


I think the naughtiest we got was sitting in a hot tub with some boys we'd just met. That doesn't seem bad enough to make my interior door panels fall off and my fuse box burn out, locking the car in 1st gear on the interstate.


Caroline! Sperm can live in hot tubs! And I just read on Avitables blog there is this monstrous thing boys do called pearl diving. Ask Marcia.

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