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February 17, 2009


Big Dot

You are responsible for putting MORE RUDE STUFF on my screen than any other site I visit.

And, since I know you worry when I'm not here obsessively clicking on you when I'm meant to be doing work, I'm going away for a week. Look out for an exotic little dot somewhere new if I can get to a computer.


My husband informs me they also have these at Walgreens, as well as finger vibrators! He's apparently not embarrassed to hang out by the condoms.


Big Dot - I am chastened. It's now an extended entry so vibrating cock rings don't pop up without warning at work.
Heidi - After I got over the shock, I felt the condoms were virtuous and I was prouid to stand before them. With the vibrating cock ring box in my hand and my jaw slack.

From the dark side....

wow. and a six-pack of them, no less. what kind of spin the bottle parties are these kids having nowdays?


I was going to tell a sweet Grandpa Pidgeon's story before we got to the cock rings. Since Target generally has better quality products than Walmart, are you tempted to do a comparison test for us?


I miss Target. It was all shiny and new in Florida, exotic in a land where the local Wal-Mart had the gravitational pull of a black hole. We had to DRIVE to another TOWN in another COUNTY to go to Target.

Then they put one up right next to the Wal-Mart. In fact, it was a few hundred yards CLOSER. And it had a Starbucks inside.

And then I moved to SC, and I have to DRIVE to another TOWN in another COUNTY to go to Target.

I'm waiting.


FTDS - Actually, the six-pack is only available on-line. But they really do have singles at Target.
Caroline - Wouldn't that be a better question for Gary?
Sherri - A Starbucks IN A Target? Ooo, it's all so high-tone down there in Florida!


Well, they balanced it with a mini-Pizza hut on the other side. Still, as Target Foodcourts go, yeah, sorta spiffy.


Yeah, I just noticed them for the first time today, at Walgreens! The world has moved on!


Sherri - Ew,Starbucks and Pizza. My stomach is cramping at the thought.
Judibleu - What's next? Anal stretchers at the 7-11?

Amy in StL

Wow, I was totally unprepared for that.


I just got a wedding registry notification today in the mail. They are getting married in the Temple, I am not sure which one, I forget since I am not a "member." Do you think this is going to be on the "we want one" list?


Big Dot

I wasn't telling you off, I just found it a bit startling.

This computer's too slow, so re your FIL - I'll mention him to the next Buddha I see.


Amy in StL - Yeah, me too! I was SHOCKED.
Surprising Woman - Hey, Temple - that reminds me. Is this letter of recommendation now a keycard? Gary found someones Temple keycard on the work parking lot, and we surmised that what it was.
Big Dot - See above! SHOCKED I tell you. India?

Big Dot

Nah. Clue is, you're not the only land of the free. I wonder how many log-ons make a dot (can't do question marks, too hard - this keyboard has at least 3 symbols on each key).


Gary MUST try to get in at the Mormon temple. Maybe he'll run into friend 7 there.


Big Dot - Thailand? Ah ha - the Phillipines!
Caroline - He already returned the keycard. Pah.

Hot Mom

Would love to comment...

Husband of Hot Mom is insisting I go to Target.

Big Dot

Right first time - well done!

I got kissed by an elephant yesterday - lots of suction and very whiskery. So, not much different from what I'm accustomed to at home...


Big Dot - Damn! I miss elephant suction.

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