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February 26, 2009



I'm totally bereft about it as well. It's so stupid, it's not like BNL records so often he couldn't do his own stuff, he already did that. But there are so many songs that Steve sings. How are they going to do a concert without him?


Sarah dumped her husband for me. :)


Oh no, this is terrible. I am a BNL fan as well, although not to your level, and this is just really, really disappointing. And I am right there with you re: his girlfriend, which is all that much more disappointing. I do not know her name but from now on I will refer to her as Yoko Ono. It's probably unjust, but I totally don't care.

It seems as though he's lost his way, and I just hate to see that in someone so talented.


Look at it this way -- chances are good that a kick ass reunion album and tour are in the future.


You were the first person I thought of when I heard the news. Odd, considering we've never met and I don't really like BNL all that much (don't hate me because of that, okay?). I'm wearing black today, let's say it's because of mourning on your behalf.

Crystal (Bratcw)

When I read Steve's blog and he said, "it's like Queen said", I almost thought he was going to quote your blog and got excited. Then I saw that he didn't say "THE Queen". Dammit.

Before I forget - Effin' Yokie.


My condolences at Steven's decision to leave. So are they just going to be known as the Naked Ladies now?


*sighs and joins you in mourning*


I kept checking in over here to read your reaction. I was kind of surprised at my own. When I first read the news Tuesday night, it was "oh, ok. So this is the day it happens." I didn't at first feel a bit saddened, since like many fans of the band I kind of expected something like this. Not because of the drug thing, or the girl thing (but I often refer to her as Yoko here at home) but because Steven has always seemed to me like he was biding his time and never as fully involved as the rest. Like he was putting up with the nonsense. I felt it in my bones, ever since the first time I had an experience with any of them outside of a show. And that was years ago. So, onward they all go. I expect great things, if different things, from the guys, and I expect Steve to fall off my radar for the most part. Incidently, there is a book of Steven Page poetry out there somewhere, from long ago. He's also done some professional writing for a wine magazine. I do think he could be a promising writer, but I agree about the new blog at the moment. Maybe that will change and it will be more substantive some time in the future.
I have shed a few tiny tears listening to some the radio/tv interviews. What really choked me up the most was when Ed said he's been in a band with Steve longer than not. More than half his life. I do know that I will be a puddle of tears the next time I see them, though. More for them than for myself (and I'm usally a puddle of tears at some point during all their shows, I'm just dorky that way). And I know I'm in the minority with this, but I kind of hope a reunion tour never happens. At least at this moment.

Big Dot

I have nothing to say about BNL, but my henbag arrived today and my daughter said, 'Cool, Mum, you can wear it with your denim jacket.' Oh, the cutting sarcasm of the modern teenager.


My condolences.


Angie - Well, I guess everyone else needs to step up. Jim's been noisier this year. I can't picture it, though.
.75 - Yeah, but Sarah wouldn't accidently knee himself in the nose during a high kick like Steve.
Tonya - Ah, well, whatever. Time will tell.
Sherri - Really? Do bands ever have reunions? Well, I guess the Go-gos did.
Trisha - I wore black head to toe.
Crystal (Bratcw) - Yokie? Pity the Transitional Girl.
3 - No. But if Ed had left I'd bet Steve would have changed the name.
Jammies - Sigh. Crap.
Kristie - Not weeping over here, but I feel like you do when a really great book ends.
Big Dot - Tcha. Make her wear legwarmers to school!
Caroline - Thanks. You may hug me later.


Queen - That's because Sarah is too busy humping the piano bench and she sings her loves songs to me.


Steven Page has pulled out of Barenaked Ladies? But I've heard that method’s just not reliable.


.75 - I bet you could follow her on Twitter.
~~Silk - classic!

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