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January 15, 2009



But then, why aren't our American crocs made of 20% recycled croc? All this confuses me.

Because there must be New Crocs at some point to make Old Crocs that can be recycled. One cannot recycle what doesn't exist yet. It's very metaphysical.

Crocs were declared "out" this year. I don't own any, myself. My feet sweat bad enough in regular shoes. Sweaty feet in plastic shoes would result in my sliding out of my Crocs and killing myself.


Plastic? It's a closed-cell resin! And I read somewhere the "croslite" resin was developed for atheletes so their feet wouldn't sweat.

So I have first edition pure crocs? Cool.


That you are proud of your crocs, first edition pure or not, troubles me.


So stylish! Especially the ones in light pink.


Candy - Here's the thing. My toes are so hot (#2 when you search "bare toes" on search.msn.com/images) that I have to encase them in the unsexy footwear, otherwise I attract too much sexual attention.
Judibleu - I just have the classic dark blue. Are yours pink?

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