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January 13, 2009



See, if you would have stayed with the Flarp, you wouldn't have had to go to Linda. Fart noises, okay. Flesh colored, phallic putty, not okay.


Uh uh. Turns out brown is very very good. (Come on, you know I couldn't let that pass!)


..but you'd need a LOT more putty.

Amy in StL

OMG, the pictures didn't get me busted but Silk's comments caused me to laugh so loud! I was glad I'd scrolled down at that point.


I'm just glad it didn't occur to you to trim it with tiny bits of black string...

How's Gary reacting to your mad putty skillz?

Big Dot

I'm just glad you didn't have the blonde wig at work.


The comments are even better than the images. Excellent job, commenters.

Will the putty still be at your cube when I'm at your building in the morning?


3 - Maybe I could mix flarp AND putty! It breaks wind when you put it in.
~~Silk - Oh, I went for the bathroom humor - I didn't even see the sex joke coming. Well done!
Amy in StL - And you went, even though I warned you? Daring.
Sherri - Frankly, if he saw them he'd be disgusted. He's disgusted when I lick my fingers. He has hand issues.
Big Dot - That reminds me - have to hide the wig before tea. Dont want work people to find it.
Caroline - Nope - putty went home in disgrace. It will at the tea if you think of it.


Damn, I need my own cube so I can "play with my toys" at my desk AT WORK. Sheesh.


.75 - At work and in meetings.

BTW, all, I bought replacement blue putty.

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