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January 12, 2009


Big Dot

Twinkie-free zone here. Imagine that. Yet life continues.


I was a chocolate Hostess cupcake girl myself. As long as the chocolate snack survives...


Orange cupcakes. Oh, yessss.


Several times in grade school we took a field trip to the Hostess factory in north St. Louis. We'd ride a little tram around the factory, then watch a corny cartoon about the food pyramid, then eat chocolate Twinkies. Yes, chocolate Twinkies. I've never seen one in a store.

I think you should serve Twinkies at tea. Support America's heritage.


Big Dot - That is almost weirder than Easter in the fall. (Oh, and I heard a rumor the Australians didn't like "Austrailia.")
.75 - Yeah, That waxy coating always ruined those for me.
Becs - Never tried it.
Caroline - Perhaps sliced up in cunning little canapes.


Queen - As long as it's a CHOCOLATE waxy coat, I still love it.


Twinkies are going away? Is Hostess going under? What's going on and how did I miss this? (I myself am partial to Suzie Q's...YUM)


Tragedy!! :(


.75 - No, it's sad when good chocolate goes waxy.
Autumn - Evdiently the bakers are folding. This mioght be out of date already, though.
velocibadgergirl - I know! It's the end of the world as we know it. What metaphor will Japanese Americans use for their assimilated relatives?


Bananas. Or so I've heard.


Tasterspoon - at first I thought you were reffering to the fact that Twinkies were originally filled with banana filling, but then I read you in context.

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