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January 18, 2009


Big Dot

Totally happy for you all too. So much so, I'm even considering rising at FIVE THIRTY AM on Wednesday here to watch the hoop-la.


I watched this afternoon, too, and I just new you'd be excited about Pete Seeger. I admit to having shed a tear or two out of genuine renewed pride for my country. Damn, we're good.

And U2 RULES!!!!!


I was too busy watching more important things like the AFC Championship and the L Word Series Premiere!


I'm very annoyed at myself for not realizing that was on and missing the entire event. Stupid flu.


Times like this I wish I wasn't such a damn tightwad and had HBO. Pete Seeger is perfection. I would have been a puddle of tears.
I did hear a clip of Bono on NPR today and got very weepy, driving in my car. I'm the biggest sap in the world.
I'm not sure Beyonce would have moved me to tears, but I may have hummed along... I love everyone this week.


I wept. Pete Seeger next to Bruce Springsteen, with Pete in that goofy hat. I hope he had a lot of layers under that flannel shirt, though. I kind of wanted to get him a jacket.


01-20-09.......is all I'm sayin'!


Big Dot - Or...you could sleep in and watch a replay of the hoopla. Do they have the eternal replays on CNN international?
3 - Enh, U2.
.75 - I saw some of that. Dark eyed bangs girl is in love. So ... hunky neighbor must not have won against foreign coffeshop owner.
Candy - Damn flu! It's HBO, you'll only see it fifty more times this week.
Kristie - You could pay for it on HBO on demand ... It has been yanked off YouTube, evidently.
Magpie - I wanted to make people listen up during that first verse. Thoses verses show some nice progression, except for the second to last about trespassing. Whats that doing there?
judibleu - By my clock it is 1/20/09. Nine or so hours to go.

Big Dot

By my clock it's nearly 10pm on the 20th. You missed it!


Queen - Dark eyed bangs girl (Wacko Jenny) had her gf stolen by hunky neighbor (Shane), but Jenny more upset that Shane betrayed her as a friend.

Shane did win over foreign coffeshop owner. Helena Peabody showed up because her mom was dying and her Mom told her to use her inheritance to buy both the Planet and foriegn club. Evil folks left town.


Big Dot - Oh no! Was it good?
.75 - Jenny is Wacko? She did seem a little wacko in the pilot. I'm only as far as the pilot, and I think I'm stopping there.


Jenny is super wacko and was pretty much "the character that everyone hates" the past two seasons. She lost her husband, lost the woman she hooked up with, went crazy and tried to kill herself, ended up with a FTM transgendered, wrote a book, wrote its screenplay, and then thought she could direct it becoming this total diva.

Feel free to return season 1 then. I think you could have been fine watching Season 1, the stuff about Carmen (season 2 or 3), and the last season.


.75 - You have convinced me that I can jump in at this point, though. It might go back on the tiVo.

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