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January 04, 2009



Next time you're at the Great Satan K-Mart, be sure to pick up some shorts that are too tight and a tube top. And some ridiculously cheap and impractical shoes. If it doesn't do it for Gary, at least you've got next year's Halloween costume.

Richard Basile

That last snapshot of Dumb Blonde Dog is a riot. Now, if you can only get Dumb Blonde Dog to sport a cigarette and a shot glass.


Tube top and a shrug with sequins on it. They exist. I've seen and walked a wide circle around them. Maybe you can find those acrylic platform shoes with the LED lights that flash when you walk.

Puppy porn?


I'm amazed at how parallel we run! I've been toying with the idea of going into town and trying on dark wigs (my current color is like your wig, but the only way I can get the shine is to iron it, and then it all breaks and falls off my head).

Yeah, try it again with Gary, but next time, don't be you. Be someone else. With bright red lipstick!


Gary should respond well to a tattoo of a cone of food. Just a thought.


Gold plated utensils? No wonder nothing happened after dinner. Although it's just about tacky enough for a Girl Next Door.


Dude! You already got your Halloween costume! No fair!

Um...can I invite the blonde to my party?


I should add I admire the choice of lasagne for dinner, particularly for a precious lad who has regressed to eating like a 1-year-old.


I think that wig was made for that dog.


I think that wig was made for that dog.


That poor dog is a hoot! Did he roll on command? Loved it!


Becs - Were it not for the shoes I could be Fat Britney.
Richard Basile (Hi!)- Oh, no, he's a Cosmo dog.
Sherri - Ohh! Clear heels.
~Silk - I didnt go so far as to arrange a meeting out ... because thats a really fake wig.
3 - This comment really baffled Gary. I had to explain.
Caroline - I KNOW. And the in-laws made US buy them for them for Christmas one year.
.75 - Sure. Except, she's really stupid.
3 - Sigh. Do they have Cheerios in Yemen?
magpie - He is a Silky Terrier.
Judibleu - He needed no direction. He's a natural actress.

Marianna Scheffer

That dog is hawt. Actually, he looks just like my little dog who died a few years ago, except she was a girl. And definitely hawt.


Hattie - I believe Mac's pedigree papers said his name was "Dusty DoRight" of the Arkansas DoRights. Perhaps they are related.

My World's a Stage

And I thought I didn't like dogs. I like this one!


My World's a Stage - I used to think I didn't like dogs, then I met my first dog, Fred.

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