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January 11, 2009


Big Dot

Oho yes! The never-fail front-opening garment! Button up, unbuttom, flap vigorously, button up, unbutton, flap... Hours of happy fun ahead of you here.

Big Dot

Spot the deliberate Freudian error?


Dying puppy commercial? What? Man, I am sooo glad I don't have television. Hulu only nags me about insurance, facial moisturizers, and semi-pornographic spots about men's razors. No dying puppies!


Bullet point 1: Twitter rocks.

Bullet point 2: Legend is true. I got the day off from Reuters 2 years ago.

Bullet point 3: Sarah is my #2 of musicians I would sleep with. The song is called "Angel" and it's from the the movie "City of Angels" starring Meg Ryan and Nick Cage.

And I am endlessly envious that you will get to spend quality time with her on a cruise ship.


Whooo! That is one hot number! I'm straight and I feel an urgent need to plant one right on your teeth.

Re the Dead-Dying-Abandoned-Dogs commercial, Sarah McLACHLAN's song "Angel" is syrupy but it basically says "Life can be shitty and scary, but hang in there."

My personal favorites are "Possession" and "Fear".


P.S. The moment I heard Twitter users referred to as "Twits", I decided I could live without a Twitter account.

Overflowing Brain

First of all, the song does not say anything about any angel's eyes. It's ARMS. In the ARMS of the angel. Like the appendages at the top of the torso.

And twitter? KICKS ASS. It really does.


Yes the stock market closes when a former president dies. Theoretically, we could have gotten a week off had something gone tragically wrong with that lunch last week, but it's probably not worth the hassle/sadness/paralysis of the government and all.

I can't watch that commercial.

My World's a Stage

Waaaaaaay back in the olden days when I used to host a karaoke show, the "Angel" song was new and EVERYONE wanted to sing it. Whether or not they could carry a tune. Male and female. For those reasons, I hate the song, no matter how nice the lyrics might actually be.

I tweet. All the time. Love it!


I CONSTANTLY think that it would be hilarious if you and So That Happened Catherine had Twitters. I would love that.


I only say this because I know it probably won't sound unusual to you: I like that Angel song because Jim Creeggan plays the bass part. I'd probably like anything he played on. I am blinded by Creeggan love.

I'm pleased she's going to be on the boat because I think she'll make a good diversion. Maybe they'll schedule a Sara show at the same time as The Weakerthans or The Mountain Goats. Better seats for me!


* Not up to the pajamas. Yet.
* Favorite Sarah songs are "Into the Fire", "Witness", "Sweet Surrender", and an easy four or 5 more. She tends to be a bit on the angsty, heartfelt, heavy dramatic emotional side, but there are times that works really well.

*Twitter makes me itch.


Big Dot - I assumed you meant flap the breasts up and down. But unbottom? If only I could.
Becs - Yeah, but what Hulu provides in reliability it loses in monotony. So, it's all swings and roundabouts, you know?
.75- Who is number 1?
3 - We'd get fired for overtwittering.
O-Brain - I'm usually so careful to research lyrics before I comment on them. Least I didn't say ass.
Caroline - God, when you come to tea I'm going to make you cry. That's my goal.
My Worlds a Stage - Did they sing it with feeling? That's where it would get ugly for me.
Autumn - Well, that would be fun, but I have a job. I could twitter with her all day. But, gotta make the donuts!
Erin - Ah! I didn't know that. I'll listen for him next time CNN plays that commercial. Of course, if I watch CNN or MSNBC or FOX I'll be in danger of seeing the Israeli Panic commercial. Maybe they should put that Angel song in the background of that one, it should take it down a notch. Seriously, no matter what side you're on, 60 seconds of naked war propaganda is offensive.
Sherri- * Hold in there * BNL fans are usually big fans of irony and clinical depression, but Gary needs a crush on someone on the boat * I'm sure I'd like Twitter a lot, but it would eat up my life.


#3 - They're actually called "tweets". There is even a bird on the home page.

#3 - The "teeth kissing" was funny. :)

Queen - Tori Amos...she's petite, red-haired, and her lyrics blow me away.

Big Dot

Don't think your use of 'swings and roundabouts' passed unnoticed. Good for you!

And I actually meant flap the pj jacket, but go ahead and flap the breasts if you want - always nice for the underboobs to get a bit of air.

floating princess

There's a catalog for nearly menopausal women? Where would someone (I have a friend, you know...ahem.) find one of those? You know, for my friend. Ahem. Yeah.


.75 - I'll have to look up Tori A. Did she do the Fast Car song?
Big Dot - Yes, because yeast infections can grow in the underboob. Beware.
Floating princess - I think TravelSmith begets the dri-sleep catalogs. I love Travelsmith ...


So you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts
What's so amazing about really deep thoughts?
Boy you best pray that I bleed real soon
How's that thought for you?

Tori Amos
"Silent All These Years"


YEAH #3!!! :)

Queen - No that's Tracy Chapman


3 and .75 - You guys need to twitter.

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