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December 14, 2008


Big Dot

That was very forebearing of you. When I served my Seventh Day Adventist stepmother with a prawn cocktail starter and she recoiled, saying it was unclean, I just said sorry and ate hers as well as mine while she waited.

Mind you, she wasn't a nice person. When my sisters and I got back to the house after our father died in hospital (she left well before us and was halfway out of the door before she remembered to say goodbye to his still-warm body) she was vacuuming and playing show tunes.

I don't remember which musical it was, but if it was South Pacific you know which track she would have chosen.


It's not Ramadan.

Furthermore, you're 46 and not Muslim. EAT. THE. FRICKIN'. LOBSTER.


Big Dot - Oops - after Mom died, Gary Dave and I ate Chinese food and laughed entirely too much. She was still IN THE NEXT ROOM. But no one played "I'm Gonna Wash That Mom Right Outta My Hair."
3 - I confused Eid-al-Adha and Eid-al-Fitr. I also though "Big Eid" and "Little Eid" bookended Ramadan. Rookie mistake. Plus, I think the fact that I passed on the lobster was a sign of maturity. Besides, you're the one who doesn't like confrontation.


Lobster has too much cholesterol anyway.

Yes, I don't like confrontation, but I don't run from it if it's important. :-P


3 - I think you are wrong. If it had cholesterol we wouldn't have to dip it in butter.


Careful. I may have to throw a shoe at you.


3 - "Who throws a shoe? What is that?"
- Austin Powers

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