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December 03, 2008



I'm not sure I could handle that kind of feedback! I'm so used to having NONE.

I would have given you more orange but maybe you're different at Teddy J.

Big Dot

I would tell you what I think, but apparently it would be a waste of breath.


Nailed it.


No dots on stable???


Eh, diplomacy gets you mysteriously shot in a parking lot. At least with directness, you know who it is and have a chance to duck.

(or maybe the clanging of your balls has intimidated the menfolk -- good on you!)


Ha. High Ds are usually the people who have the hardest time sitting though these things.


I just laughed myself into a coughing fit, thanks.

Cathrerine the Red

I think I would have given you more orange for socialbility too. But, otherwise, I agree with #3...it nails you pretty square.


Donuts AND bagels? They only serve round breadstuff with holes in the middle?


Pretty nervy, if you ask me. I hope you told them so.


I think you need to be on Twitter. Are you?

Amy in StL

I just went through the Strengths Finders analysis - and Myers Briggs. I would like to say ISFP is probably better, unless that hurts your feelings, then I won't say it! :)

Erin G.

...and one sad little dot for empathy? Really?


.75 - The best thing was that we were able to give the group "advice" for working with us and I said, "You up-liting inspirational High-I people? Stop being cheerleaders. No matter what you say it sounds like lies."
Big Dot - What? I'm sorry, did you say something?
3 - I'll try to take it again with the knowledge ow of the team sees me.
Abby - Actually, there were very few stable dots through the team.
Sherri - No, one man commented that he had been surprised he got so many dots on confident himself, and I explained that was "because there was no line for arrogant," and he came over and gave me a little hug. Just because he knew how much it would bug me as a high "C."
Suebob - Comments may have been made toward the end that I had been monopolizing the class and that it was not all about me. But, the nice thing about being old is that not only do you not care what others think, you don't even notice what they think. I heard, "Ellen, do you think this class is all blah bah blah blaph?"
Jenny - Ha! No sympathy from me. I am heartless according to DISC.
Catherine the Red - Well, I'm only sociable with the best people.
Magpie - Hey, it's a recession.
Judibleu - I volunteered to go first. Specifically I said, "Oh, I have things to say to you people."
Autumn - No Twitter, but now later this week I'll have to give you some idea what twitter with me would be like.
Amy in StL - ISFP Well, you got the I and the P right.
Erin G - Yeah! Screw them. the bastards.

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