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December 06, 2008


Big Dot

It's remarkable how your texting improves with a few drinks inside you - much like my French, I have to say.


Caroline's "Get. An. MRI." is still a classic.

Hot Mom

This twittering shit looks like your version of The Canturbury Tales written in Olde English


ROFL to you and the comments! I HATE texting. I wonder if that is because I have a razr instead of a qwerty keyboard to work with...

and you have NO idea how much I miss McGurk's. *sigh* It's been 5 years since I left STL and every time I go to our local Irish pubs I just end up missing McGurk's and their fish.


Twitter is a good venting tool. That's about it. Oh and it was a handy way to find out we were having an earthquake when no news stations were reporting it yet.


I like testing better on my Curve than I did on my Pearl (love phone names) but I actually got pretty good on the 10 key. At least I had a perfect excuse for the typos.

I text more than I call on the phone, mostly because I hate holding the damn thing up to my ear, and I also hate yelling into the speakerphone. I'm also beginning to hate talking at all. Typing is so much more quiet.


Big Dot - Mais oui! And evidently my Old English as well.
3 - Yep, still makes me laugh too.
Hot Mom - Ha! You are right - I think "wekke" was all Chaucer.
Yookie - Get this: Friday? McGurks HAD NO FISH SPECIALS. That is just wrong.
Kathy - The earthquake was at 5 am or something, though. What if there hadn't been a quake and you got on Twitter and said, "Did you feel that?" Can't delete that.
Sherri - Only at Elliot, when we all got into an IM conversation, there would be spontaneous laughter across the cubicles. Not quiet or conducive to work at all.


Queen - 1)I didn't have time to put in freakin apostrophe's because I was trying to meet up with Jaime. Hello! Priorities!

2) At least my texts are freakin legible and comprehensible without needing a blood test!

3) You had PLENTY of time to text Hot Mom when she had sh*t going on!

4) You STILL text'd me later to say "Where are you?"

5) I had to point out to Friend #1 that you stole my GNO date!

I think there needs to be some serious kissing of my a$$ right about now!


.75 - Did you deliberately misapply that apostrophe just to mess with 3?


Of course she did.


hahahaha I did it for emphasis for sure.


Get. An. MRI.

I'm going to use that. I don't know when, but I will.


magpie - Take my blessings.


I love the Twitter, but I also love texting. It doesn't waste your minutes! Unlimited texting for $20-who doesn't think that's a steal?! Incidentally I have a 10 key phone because those others just seem like they would annoy me...


Autumn- $20 a month? No way. That makes the iPhone bill round up in a scary way, and the man pays the iPhone bill.


I Twitter. Like Kathy said above, its a good venting tool. Its pretty much the only way my blog gets updated these days. I also follow people who Tweet. Wil Wheaton is one...he's quite prolific at it.

I text. I have a Curve, and sometimes I prefer to text than actually talk to someone. Or, I may be on a call on my work phone and I'll text a friend during the work call.

We most definitely have a text plan. We just bought our daughter a text-messaging qwerty-keyboard phone and she is up to over 2000 texts just 5 days into the billing cycle.


Melissa - 2000? I think I'm at 10.

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