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December 07, 2008



Well, you know, you do have your balls back.


Somewhat related, I saw Jaime Friday and watched L Word last night before bed. Definitely a recipe for good dreams!


I've had "Hey, when did I get a penis?" dreams before, with no apparent connection to anything I can think of in my waking life. It's never there when I wake up, so I don't worry about it. I figure my subconscious is having a good time. I've dreamed I could fly or breathe underwater, too. Never really worries me unless I wake up soaking wet.

Big Dot

I had a penis once, too, and I'm often able to breathe underwater. The secret is, not to suck too hard (I'm talking about breathing underwater here. You knew that.)


3 - First thing I thought of.
.75 - I hear one of the characters on L is doomed to die this season.
Sherri - I've never had dreams of flying or breathing underwater. If I recall, flying is ambition, and a little research tells me that "Brand new penis" dreams mean you want adventure, not necessarily sexual.
Big Dot - You. Are dirty.


Queen...they already killed off one major character in Season 3 I think it was. And no one has gotten over it. :(

They just had a bike ride for breast cancer in her honor in the episode I just watched last night for this past season. It was horribly sad.


Queen...holy crap, there was a gun in the last episode and I started to freak out! WHEW...no one was killed.

Yet...going to watch the last episode now.


OK! You were right! Someone did die but it wasn't a major character. In fact, a lot of good comes out of it.

I can sleep now. WHEW.


.75 - Yep, that's what I heard.

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